3 Mantras for Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul

We’re each planted firmly in the healing soil of being human. When the negative chatter about all my human problems starts in my head, I’ve been repeating these mantras for healing in response.

We’re each planted firmly in the healing soil of being human. When the negative chatter about all my human problems starts in my head, I’ve been repeating these 3 mantras for healing in response.

“The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

Wellness is ultimately about aligning mind, body, and soul in love. I say “in love” because true wellness comes from harmonizing what we think, feel, say, and do because we love the process–not because we hate ourselves or because we’re afraid of some outcome or alternative.

Wellness is taking care of your life because you love it, not because you don’t love it.

The most fulfilling actions are those we perform with love for what we’re doing, not with fear for what we’re avoiding. For example, when we exercise because we honor the body, and not because we loathe it or are afraid of gaining weight, we perform with love and it naturally produces the most successful outcome.

Healing comes when we say and do things with love, not out of fear.

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Someone once said that “mind, body, and soul are like a musical ensemble.” The beauty is in the harmony that exists between each moving part: mind, body, soul.

I’ve been using the following three mantras for healing the mind, body, and soul—respectively, and all together. I might focus on one if I’m deep in the experience of my thoughts, or my physical existence, but ultimately they’re all intertwined and compose the harmonious undercurrent of my life.

These mantras for healing support my positive intention for this month, which is to have a healthy relationship with body, mind, and soul.

Stick with one if you need some emotional, physical, or spiritual healing in particular, but remember that there’s no real breaking things down into separate entities; you are mind, body, and soul all wrapped in one glorious package for a lifetime.

3 Mantras for Healing That Are Working for Me

“I forgive you.”

This is a mantra for the mind.

The mind is a space where thoughts come and go; what matters is what we hold on to, and what we let go; what we believe in, and what we know we’re more than.

The secret to letting certain (negative, self-defeating, traumatizing, painful) thoughts go is to forgive them. I say, “I forgive you” to the thoughts themselves for having affected me, and I forgive myself for holding on to them and believing in them.

This mantra can be used to discern the truth of certain beliefs (“Is this accurate?”) as well as the source (“Where is this coming from?”). Not all thoughts are true, but they do hint at an underlying pattern of thinking that may or may not be serving our highest selves.

Suffering is a maze, and the lock is on the inside; forgiveness is the key that lets us out.

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It is SO healing to forgive—yourself, others, things that happened, thoughts you’ve been thinking… It’s healing because you stop identifying with the vibration of pain; you’re free to live (and think) another way.

To forgive is to believe that the future can be better than the past, and that the present is where it all starts.

“I am grateful.”

This is a mantra for the body.

Oh, how easy it is to bash our bodies for their appearance, limitations, aches and pains. It’s all too easy to fall into the self-sabotaging system of body-shaming, when we ought to be tremendously grateful for the fact that we’re alive right now.

This physical lifetime is finite, but the love involved isn’t; the love goes full circle.

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I’ve been saying, “I am grateful” in response to every thought, word, or action directed toward myself that’s anything less than loving. I highly suggest you try being good to yourself, too.

Your cells respond to everything you tell them. The new science of epigenetics is showcasing the incredible influence thoughts have on the body, and this idea transcends traditional beliefs that say we’re doomed to be limited by our genetic makeup. The point here is that loving, grateful, positive thoughts contribute to wellness, and vice versa.

Show yourself some love and grace rather than malice and blame, and you may find that your body responds.

“I am healing.”

This is a mantra for the soul.

This is a simple saying. It’s a down-to-earth way of bringing a little more heaven to earth–it’s an affirmation to bring a little more joy to the pain, a little light to the situation.

Not only are you in the process of healing, but you ARE the healing energy itself. As above, so below. As within, so without. This is what I mean: Identify with the healing that’s happening within, embody it and become it, and you’ll clear the path ahead for yourself and amplify your ability to heal.

I’m a human being, which means I’m in the process of healing and becoming who I really am.

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Play around with how it feels to say, “I am healing, and I AM the healing.”

I’ve found that when I see myself as the healing energy itself, I heal from the inside out, and I heal with more joy and light.

What are you healing from? How are you healing?

Are there any practices, beliefs, or activities that help you feel better and heal from your wounds?

Please share your thoughts, healing practices, favorite mantras for healing, positive self-talk examples from your own life, and any stories with me in the comments.

Share these mantras for healing with someone who might appreciate/use them today.

Forgive your thoughts, and yourself. Be grateful for your body. Know that you are healing.


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