Flowers have medicinal properties. Herbalists and native healers have used flowers to cure different kinds of health conditions since a long time. In fact, therapeutic properties of flowers were discovered thousands of years ago and the traditional medicine continues to use flowers as medicine. The medicinal flowers are used internallyRead More →

What is Mental Health? More than seven million Australians have suffered mental health problems, and one in five will experience mental health difficulties in their life that is according to a report released by National Mental Health Commission (NMHC), Australia. The report reveals that Australians don’t feel comfortable to talkRead More →

In your everyday life, you make mistakes of different kinds. You make a stupid mistake such as spilling tea on your friend’s T-shirt; simple mistake such as driving on one-way because you were talking on phone; avoidable mistake such as missing a deadline; or unavoidable mistake such as failing toRead More →

The essence of meditation is to stop thoughts, to make your mind empty. In the Buddhist and Hindu Worldview, this is called sunnyata, the nothingness. The ultimate destination of meditation is to reach Nirvana, or Mokshya. According to the Buddha’s Teaching, Nirvana is the state of liberation. Hindu God Krishna,Read More →