China is not only a great ancient civilization, but also a country of interesting cultures and faiths. There are numerous philosophical and religious that originated in China. Tao is one of the religious belief and philosophical idea very native to China. Tao and Taoism can be defined in many ways.Read More →

Before Bloomsbury Children Books published Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first Harry Potter book, a dozen publishers had already rejected it. They said the title was long, book was long, story was dark and it was not a traditional children book. The failures made the author J. K.Read More →

Many people believe that there is a difference between self-love and narcissism. However, dictionary defines self-love as narcissism, and vice versa. In psychology, narcissism is a character disorder. Because of the myth associated with Narcissus, narcissism (self-love) is thought to be disapproving. However, psychologist and social thinker, Eric Fromm hasRead More →