How to Improve Memory and Concentration Through Meditation

The modern lifestyle has improved our living conditions, however, the modern lifestyle has also complicated a lot of things. For example, we are confused, frustrated, agitated, irritated, or angry. We are being more forgetful than our ancestors. Our ancestors could memorize an entire book, however, we cannot remember even a sentence we read. We are also unable to concentrate. Forgetfulness is related to concentration because concentration is the key to memory recall.

If you are battling with forgetfulness (we are not talking about dementia, but the inability to recall something in general), and cannot concentrate, meditation might help you. Meditation helps you in the psychological, emotional and mental level to improve your memory and concentration level. Concentration is required to create memories, and by doing meditation regularly you can improve concentration and boost your memory.

How meditation can help with improving concentration and memory

Even though pictograms and hieroglyphics were invented in around 3200 BC, language that we know today was not invented until 3rd century BC. Vedas, which are in Sanskrit language was composed about 5000 years ago, however, the written Sanskrit was invented only in 100 AD. The Hindus memorised the entire books of Veda until the written language was invented. How did they do this? That’s right, by boosting their mental capacity through meditation.

Buddhist also used meditation to improve their memory and concentration to reach enlightenment. The oldest surviving meditation method belongs to the Buddhist tradition.

Meditation basically is a method to achieve complete stillness and inner peace, however, it is also highly beneficial in psychological, emotional and mental level.

Even though human beings have been meditating for over 3,500 years, science started properly researching on meditation only 50 years ago. After years of study, scientists have established that meditation improves memory and concentration.

How to improve concentration and memory through meditation

A lot of clinical trials and case studies have established the importance of meditation in improving concentration and memory. If you want to improve your concentration and memory, just make meditation your daily routine. So, how do you get started with meditation for concentration and memory?

There are a lot of meditation methods, some of these methods are so complicated that you should do meditation only under the supervision of a guru or master. However, there are also numerous meditation methods that even a child can follow.

Meditation 101 for beginners

If you have never meditated yet want to start meditation, here is a simple guide to meditate for beginners.

First of all you have to set the mood. Find a quite place, without any distractions. Dim the light, light incense or candles to set the mood. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. If you cannot sit crossed legs, you can also sit on a chair or sofa. The basic thing you have to sit on a comfortable position, so that you can remain still for at least 30 minutes.

Now focus on your breathing. You inhale air, you exhale air. When you inhale air and exhale air, you become aware of air entering inside your body and air going out from your body. It is very likely that your mind begins to wander, however, as soon as the mind begins to think about other things, you have to go back to remembering your breathing.

Concentration on breathing is the first stage of meditation. What you are actually doing is you are trying to improve your concentration. It will take a while to develop concentration. When you are able to sit for at least one hour concentrating on breathing, you will enter into the second stage. The second stage is where actual meditation begins.

Now that you have improved your concentration level, you begin to concentration on your body impulse. You begin to scan your body from toe to head, then back to toe and then again to head. Just like a scanner, you are scanning your body from toe to head and head to toe through your mind.

This meditation method was originally invented by the Hindus, which was forgotten for hundreds of years and revived by the Buddha himself.

Just in few weeks you will start to experience difference.


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