Mud Bath for Health: How Mud Baths Actually Work?

Do you remember your childhood when you enjoyed lolling in mud and having fun? Do you remember your mom yelling at you saying you might be infected because of germs in the mud? Yet, you enjoyed playing in the mud. As you got older, you might think how silly of me, how could I play in the mud did have any benefits. Maybe you need to recenter your thoughts about mud. Mud baths are actually highly beneficial.

In various cultures and countries, people have been using mud baths since centuries and have actually found that mud baths can heal you in various ways. While some people may still doubt about the benefits of mud baths as there are no proper studies and clinical trials, however, those who have bathed in mud regularly have explained that mud baths have helped them to cure various ailments.

Mud used in the mud baths is not the mud from your backyard. The mud used in the mud baths is a mixture of clay, volcanic ash, seaweed, and other mineral-rich substances mixed with spring water or mineral water. The mud is free from harmful germs and pathogens. The mud used in mud baths can be hot or cold, it can be applied to your entire body, or on the affected parts.

Benefits of Mud Baths

Health benefits of mud baths are based on the fact that mud contains a lot of minerals, and these minerals can be highly beneficial to skin problems like rashes, irritation, itchiness. Because of the minerals, mud baths have anti-inflammatory properties. The minerals in the mud can be good for conditions like spondylitis, psoriasis, and rosacea.

After reading all this, you might be interested in knowing more about the health benefits of mud baths. Here are some major benefits of mud baths

Mud pack as a beauty remedy

In India, mud has been used as face pack since ages. The mud face pack, called Multani mitti in the local language, is beneficial in treating acne, dark spots, and oily skin.

Mud pack for digestive disorders and head aches

The traditional Indian medicine called Ayurveda makes use of mud pack for correcting digestive disorders like constipation, stomach upset, and gastritis. Ayurveda also uses mud packs are also used to treat a headache. Users of mud packs have reported that mud packs on the forehead are highly beneficial in stress, anxiety, and depression.

Mud baths for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic condition with no proper cure. However, recent clinical studies have suggested that mud baths are highly beneficial for those suffering from psoriasis. Those who took mud baths regularly reported that itchiness, red patches, and silvery scales were gone after a few weeks.

How to make your own mud bath?

In order to get the benefits of a mud bath, you might have to visit a spa or health center. However, if you want to try a mud bath on a budget, you can buy mud wraps or spa mud from a local store or online. Follow the guidelines for preparing the mixture and apply on your body. You can also make your own mud baths by mixing clay, seaweed with mineral water and applying on your body. If you want you can add other ingredients like milk, turmeric, tea, coffee, yogurt, honey chocolate, etc in your mud baths.


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