50 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself

50 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself

Many people believe that there is a difference between self-love and narcissism. However, dictionary defines self-love as narcissism, and vice versa. In psychology, narcissism is a character disorder. Because of the myth associated with Narcissus, narcissism (self-love) is thought to be disapproving. However, psychologist and social thinker, Eric Fromm has argued that self-love is different from narcissism.

Loving yourself, sometimes also called self-love, is associated with self-esteem, to have confidence in yourself, to respect your persona, and to be in love with your existence. You might have given gifts to many people, now it’s the time to gift yourself with self-respect and love.


50 Reasons Why You should Love Yourself

  1. There is only one Jesus, one Buddha, one Mohammad, one Shakespeare, one Einstein, one Bill Gates, one Steve Jobs, one Hitler, one Bin Laden, and of course, one “You.”
  2. You may link your origin to God or nature, but one thing is clear that there was no one like you in the past, no one like you will be born in the future, and no one like you exists in the present.
  3. If you believe in the creation theory, you must also believe that you are God’s beautiful creation.
  4. If you are a believer, you must have faith in God’s masterpiece that is “You.”
  5. Whether you are a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Jew, a Buddhist, or believe in other faiths, God you believe in did not send you to the earth without any purpose.
  6. As a believer, you must also believe that you descended directly from God.
  7. If you believe in the evolution theory, you must also believe that you are an important part of the grand scheme.
  8. If you are a man/woman of science, you must understand you are special, because you evolved from unicellular organism to Homo sapiens.
  9. Science categorizes you as an animal. However, science also says you are the echelon of the animal kingdom.
  10. Whether you are a believer or an atheist, you must have faith in your existence. Your existence is not without a reason.


According to WordWeb Dictionary, narcissism is “an exceptional interest in and admiration for yourself” and narcissist is “a person in love with himself/herself.” The root of Narcissism and narcissist lies in Greek mythology.

Narcissus was the son of Cephissus, Greek god of river. Echo, the daughter of Earth goddess Gaia, was in love with Narcissus. One day Narcissus was going to meet Echo. On the way, he came across a lake. When Narcissus looked into lake and saw his reflection, he instantly fell in love with himself. He did not move from the lake and he kept watching his reflection.

Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance, cursed Narcissus for rejecting Echo and pining for his reflection. Narcissus changed into a flower of the same name. Echo faded into the last words spoken by somebody else.


There are Many Reasons to Love Yourself

  1. Whether you see yourself as Homo sapiens or God’s creation, theories and theologies tell you that you are a human being. You are here to rule the earth.
  2. You might be doing blue color job and you might not be appreciated for your low profile life, however, your job and lifestyle does not define you. You are more than your work and lifestyle.
  3. You may not have the visions of Steve Jobs or the ability of Bill Gates, but that does not make you dumb. You are smart in your own ways.
  4. Perhaps, you failed while doing a feat something like climbing Mount Everest. However, your failure does not make you less fortunate than Edmund Hillary. The only difference between Hillary and you is you attempted the Everest in the wrong time.
  5. Your contribution to the world is not less than Bill Gates or Barack Obama’s contribution. The world does not recognize your contribution because you live a different life.
  6. If you believe in nature theory, you must believe that you are programmed to be different, there is no one like you.
  7. If you believe in nurture theory, you must believe that you are the significant part of the environment.
  8. Whether you believe in nurture theory or nature theory, you must understand you are tailored differently, you are special.
  9. If you are a callow youth and frustrated about the treatment you get from the world, you must understand that there is so much to do in life.
  10. If you are an adult struggling with life and living, you must understand this is not the end. Unlimited opportunities are still there.
  11. If you are an old man or woman, you must understand your experience and achievements are not wastage, they have special meanings.

Love yourself (2)

  1. In a surface glance, you may see people having power over you, however, when you scrutinize yourself, you will always find you to be the real master.
  2. People, things or events may inspire you, but it is you, who can shape your own destiny.
  3. If you are castigating yourself because your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife left you, you must understand that they were not the true recipient of your love.
  4. If you are angry and frustrated because your boss fired you, there is no need to blame yourself. The only reason is your boss did not see your true potential.
  5. If you hate yourself, how can you love your parents, girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse, siblings, children and other people who matter in your life?
  6. If you are waiting for someone to love you, the first step to find the love of your life is by loving yourself. No one can fill the void inside you until you begin to fill yourself with self-love.
  7. If you begin to like yourself and have positive thoughts about yourself, like-minded people will always be attracted to you.
  8. You might be imperfect in doing something, but all human beings have imperfection. Remember, Adam and Eve, the God’s first human creation, too were imperfect.
  9. If you believe you are just a “cog in the wheel,” think about this again. Even a small nut is very important in the machine.

Do you think self-love (sometimes used as synonym of narcissism) and loving yourself have the same meaning?

 You Must Love Yourself Because…

  1. Your conception, perception, views, and visions are different from others. No one can think like you, no one can do like you.
  2. You are you, you are not him, you are not her. Your experience are yours, your insights are entirely yours. Your experience and insights are not vain. Your unique identity makes you special.
  3. People may evaluate your shortcomings, limitations, and failures. However, their perception is never better than your own perception about yourself.
  4. It is good to have high ambition and crave for posh life; however, you will never meet your expectations until you believe in yourself.
  5. It is good to be a dreamer. However, your dreams will never change into reality until you feel confident about yourself, and appreciate the “I” in you.
  6. 36. People will never stop judging you and point your flaws, however, the truth is no one can judge you better than yourself.
  7. You must love yourself because it is only you, who can hear your inner voice.
  8. People may stop you, restrict you, but they can never stop your thoughts and imaginations.
  9. Country, culture and religion may differentiate you with other people, but you have to remember you are the citizen of earth.

Rose flower

  1. People may call you old, frail, fat and ugly. They judge the book by the cover and never see your actual beauty.
  2. It is only you, who can see the beauty of your inner world.
  3. If you believe how beautiful you are inside, you will always be beautiful outside.
  4. People may categorize you as a week person; however, only you can properly understand your true strength.
  5. You never fail, your thoughts and ways of doing something is the actual failure. If you are worried about the failure, your must understand, it is okay to fail.
  6. Loving yourself is a wonderful feeling. It is like meditation and nirvana.
  7. If you love yourself, you will celebrate life and living.
  8. The world is beautiful. Life is beautiful. You are beautiful.
  9. Stop criticizing yourself for not being perfect. No one is perfect.
  10. There are many good things in you and your life. Your life is not vain, your living is not nonexistent.
  11. The first step of being a good human being is by being good to yourself.


Never have this mistaken view that loving yourself means becoming selfish. One of the ways to feel the love for yourself is by making a list of good things in you and your life. Always treat yourself as if you treat your best friend or the person you love most.

In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful song by a Nepali Buddhist nun. The first line of the song says, “In the eyes of a flower, the world is flower, in the eyes of thorn, the world is thorn.”





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