A Mantra is a word, group of words, sentence or a stanza in Tibetan or Sanskrit language taken from Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. Mantras are chanted silently or vocally to invoke Gods, show gratitude to Gods, please Gods, receive blessings from the Gods, or to be awakened or enlightened. TheRead More →

In ancient time, the Hindus and the Buddhist used Mantras for showing gratitude to the Gods, asking for blessing from Gods, and attaining awareness or enlightenment. Even today, Hindus and Buddhist chant Mantras for worshipping Gods and attaining spiritual development. Mantras are usually labelled as sacred words. It is saidRead More →

Mantras are the sound, words, sentence or stanza taken from the scriptures, mainly Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. The basic use of Mantra is for spiritual development. However, Mantras can also heal you from psychological, emotional and mental problems. The healing power of Mantras has also been established by science. VariousRead More →