Effects of Flowers and Their Colors on Human Health

Human beings have been using flowers for healing since the time immemorial. In Ancient Egypt it was believed that the flowers had spirit with magical healing powers bestowed by the Gods, and the mortals could absorb the flower spirits by absorbing the essence of flowers. In Tibetan, there is still a tradition where a person is sprinkled with flower petals, or immersed in flower for curing a human being from the bad spirits.

Many traditional medicines still make use of flowers for healing, however, the modern civilization has almost forgotten the healing benefits of flowers that our ancestors used. Having said that the modern medicinal system is also doing a lot of research on flowers and have established medicinal benefits of various flowers. Today, a lot of people are using flowers in the form of essential oils, fragrance, flower water, or even the fresh flowers to cure various conditions.

Flower Psychometry: How Flowers Heal

Psychometry is an art of helping people to improve their situation by understanding the cause of their problem through psychic touch. Flower Psychometry is an art where the practioner understand the therapeutic properties of flowers and heals a person by touching them with flowers. Flower Psychometry basically tries to heal a person in the psychological and emotional level by transmitting the power of healing from the flower into the mind of person by touching him/her with the stem, the leaves or the petals, or simply letting them inhale the aroma of flowers.

Choosing Flowers for Healing

Have you ever though why you love a certain flower more than the others? The only plausible reason for this is you connect with that flower in the emotional and psychological level. You might be triggered by the color, fragrance, or the pattern (appearance) of the flower. Colors have a great effect on human health, each color relate to the aspects of body, mind and soul. The ancient medicine practioners discovered that flower color connects with human beings in emotional and psychological level, thus, helping them to alleviate of various emotional and psychological problems.

Healing With Flower Colors

White is a natural pain reliever, thus you can use white flowers like daisy, jasmine, white rose and other white flowers for stress, anxiety and depression. White flowers dispel negative energy from the body and mind.

Red color is a great stimulant, it improves immune system. Therefore, you can use red flowers like red rose, tulip, red hibiscus, red dahlia to boost energy levels. Red flowers are also linked to improve reproduction and fertility, and solve menstrual problems, sexual dysfunction.

Orange is a gentle energiser. You can use orange colored flowers to soothe aching limbs, relieve muscular cramps, boost a weak pulse rate, ease menstrual cramps, cure allergies, lift exhaustion. Flowers like marigold, orange lily, pansy, orange tulip for this purpose.

Yellow improves the nervous system and promotes a healthy metabolism. It also cures psychological problems like stress and anxiety. Yellow stimulates the digestive system and solves skin problems. Yellow flowers like sunflowers, yellow rose, yellow tulip, yellow lily balance emotions and strengthens you if case you are over-sensitive.

Blue, with its soothing and cooling effect, is a natural antiseptic. Blue color is highly beneficial in lowering lower blood pressure and slowing heart rate. You can use blue flowers like blue bells, iris, hydrangea etc. to overcome headaches, earache, eye strain, and sore throats.

Purple relieves various kinds of allergies. Purple color is also beneficial in sleep disorder, asthma, and eye, ear, nose and skin problems. Purple is a natural sedative, therefore, you can use purple flowers like lavender, clematis, dwarf iris etc. to eases neuroses and obsessions.


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