Healing With Mantras: Scientific Benefits of Chanting Mantras for Wellbeing and Wellness

In ancient time, the Hindus and the Buddhist used Mantras for showing gratitude to the Gods, asking for blessing from Gods, and attaining awareness or enlightenment. Even today, Hindus and Buddhist chant Mantras for worshipping Gods and attaining spiritual development.

Mantras are usually labelled as sacred words. It is said that the mantras were not written, they were seen by the Hindu and Buddhist sages. Therefore the composers of Mantras are called seers. Mantra works on the principle that every letters and words have unique sound and the vibration from these unique sounds heal you physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally.

Do Mantras Have Healing Power?

Mantras not only work on spiritual and psychological plane but also on physiological plane. Studies have shown that Meditation has positive effect on psycho-neurotic symptoms like depression, mania, psychosis, and neurosis. Studies have also shown that when Mantras are chanted regularly, chronic pain will disappear.

The constant chanting of Mantras creates a certain vibration (Mantras basically are sound). Sound energy from this vibration penetrates the depths of the unconscious mind, which starts changing the person spiritually. Spiritual development creates positive effect on the mind and body, thus helping the body and mind to self heal.

One of the commonly used Mantras is Om. It is a single word Mantra. When you chant Om repeatedly, the sound energy from the vibration created by chanting will stimulate your mind and body. The chanting will energy field inside you. The chanting not only heals you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Benefits of Chanting Mantras According to Science

A lot of scientific studies have been performed to understand what exactly Mantras are, whether they have any effect on human beings. Clinical studies have suggested that those who chanted Mantras regularly have better pain tolerance level and better stress tolerance level compared to those who never chanted Mantras. Studies have also shown that brain composition has substantially changed in people when they started practicing Mantra meditation.

Alfred A. Thomas, PhD in Medicine from Paris School of Medicine, carried an experiment to see whether Mantras have any benefits. He discovered that Mantra chanting has therapeutic effect on the mind as well as the body. The experiment proved that chanting mantra relaxes bodily systems and activated self healing process. The clinical trials performed by Alfred A. Thomas established that Mantra chanting is very effective to overcome addiction problems.

In another research performed by Marian Diamond, a professor of Anatomy at the University of California, showed that chanting mantras improve immune system, thus those who chanted mantras regularly were less sick compared to those who did not chant Mantras.

Experiments by Dr. Alan Watkins, a senior lecturer in neuroscience at Imperial College London, demonstrated that mantra chanting has a musical structure. The music created by repeated chanting has a positive physiological impact. Dr Watkins’ experiment found that Mantra chants lowered blood pressure substantially in the patients with hypertension. This was due to the hormonal changes occurred during mantra chanting. The experiment also established that sound energy from mantras calmed nervous system and reduced stress and anxiety.


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