Why You Should Be Eating Beetroot Every Day: Health Benefits of Superfood Beetroot

In recent time, beetroot has been gaining a lot of attention as superfood. Well, beetroot is superfood for sure because it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, however, it does not make you a superhuman. Here are some benefits of eating beetroot or drinking beetroot juice.

Low calorie nutritious diet: 100 grams of raw or boiled beetroot (about one cup) contain around 44 calories, or about 10 grams carbohydrates. If you are looking for low carb diet that makes you fuller yet do not gain you weight, you should be eating beetroots more. Furthermore, beetroot also contain dietary fiber (around 3 grams), if you are suffering from blood sugar or constipation, you should be eating beetroot more because of its fiber content and low sugar content (7 gram).  Beetroot is safe for diabetic patients as it measures 61 on glycemic index (GI).  By including beetroot daily, you will have a healthy weight.

Good for heart: 100 grams Beetroots has 0.2 gram fat, 0 gram cholesterol and 325 mg potassium, which means it is good for the heart as fat and cholesterol both are bad for heart where as potassium is good for maintaining blood pressure. Beetroot contains a lot of iron. Iron helps the passing of oxygen in the red blood cells. Therefore, your circulatory system will function better if you are eating beetroot every day. If you have hypertension, beetroot is highly beneficial as it increases blood flow.

Improves physical performance. Beetroots contain folate (vitamin b9). This vitamin is essential for tissue growth and cellular function. If you are pregnant, you should be eating beetroot everyday because of it high folate content.  Beetroots have high inorganic nitrates. Iroganic nitrates mean nitrates, nitrites and nitric oxide. Research shows that dietary nitrites obtained from fruits and vegetables have many health benefits such as lowering blood pressure levels and decreasing risk of numerous diseases. Dietary nitrates reduce oxygen use during physical exercise. Therefore, if you workout in gym, or do running and cycling, consumption of beetroot improves your athletic performance. Studies have shown that drinking beetroot juice or eating beetroots 90 minutes prior to athletic training improves your performance substantially. Beetroots improve your stamina by lowering the oxygen uptake of your muscles during physical performance. Beetroot will give you energy.

Improves digestion: Beetroots contain dietary fiber that improves bowel movement. Thus, if you are suffering from constipation, beetroot is highly beneficial.

Good for your brain: Beetroot has choline, which is said to maintain the structures of cellular membranes. Some of the benefits of choline are assisting in good sleep, improved learning and memory, absorption of fats and reduction of chronic inflammation.


Are there any side effects or disadvantages of eating beetroot? Not unless you are eating a lot of beetroot. Beetroot has lot of iron, copper and magnesium, therefore, if you eat excessive amount of beetroot, there will be metal accumulation in your liver.


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