How to Grow Spiritually: A Guide to Spiritual Development

When you are religious, you are also spiritual; however, when you are spiritual it does not necessarily make you religious. There is a slight difference between being spiritual and being religious. Being religious means you follow a specific religion, however, as a spiritual being, you are not following any specific religion. Spiritualists have belief in spirit and soul, which are also the basis of religion, however, spiritualists do not follow specific God. Religious people are either Christians, Muslims, Jewish, Buddhists, Hindus, or other faith, however, spiritualists are none of these yet they respect all of these religions.

Spiritual development is very necessary not only to become aware and conscious but also to manage psychological and emotional problems and become happy, relaxed and free. Spiritual growth also helps you to become more humane.

So, how do you grow spiritually?

Spiritual development does not involve complicated techniques and process. All you have to do is follow simple things.

A Guide to Spiritual Development

If you want to grow spiritually, here are some tips to get started.

Eat Vegetarian Food

Studies have shown that plant-based foods are better than animal-based foods. Plants based foods decrease the risk of various diseases including cancer. Animal-based diet is also linked to aggressive behavior.

Practice Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle means avoiding late-night parties, eating healthy food, doing exercise, staying away from intoxicants, etc. Do not do drugs, do not smoke or drink. These things provide immediate pleasure, however, in the long run, you will not only damage your brain and body but also spirit.

Practice Yoga

For most people, Yoga is just a series of exercise techniques. They use yoga just like they work out in the gym. Yoga is more than body exercise. Yoga is also a mental exercise. In fact, yoga is a method to balance the mind and body.


Regular meditation is the best way for spiritual growth. Meditation helps you to become aware of. There are a lot of meditation methods that you can try for spiritual development. However, I recommend Vipassana. Vipassana is a meditation method where you do self-observation for self-realization and awareness.


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