How Water Can Heal Your Body and Mind

We need water to survive, however, water is not just a liquid that hydrates our body, releases toxins from the body and helps cells, tissues and organs to function better. Water itself has a lot of healing benefits. Water, which is carried by the blood and other bodily fluids, is a transporter of energy throughout the body. Water circulates nourishment throughout the body.

In various cultures and civilizations, water has been associated with religious and spiritual rituals. In Hinduism, water is a deity. Vishnu, one of the Gods in Hindu Trinity, lies in the ocean. In Christianity, water is used to purify the soul. In Judaism, there is a bathing ritual.

Human beings understood the healing power of water a long time ago. Therefore, they used water for medicinal and therapeutic purpose. Ancient Egyptians and Hindus have sanctioned bathing rituals that were said to cure certain ailments. Romans invented Spa in around 70 AD. Indus valley civilization (2500 BC) had hot baths in every home. Native Americans built sweat lodges to purify their body and soul. The Old Testament gives references of people soaking in mineral waters for physical healing.

The Modern History of Healing With Water

Water therapy, or hydrotherapy as it has been named, is a modern therapeutic method that uses water in various to heal mind and body. It originated in Europe, in the 19th century as an alternative cure for anxiety, pneumonia, and back pain. The healing method was invented by an Austrian farmer, who devised a method where the patients were asked to dip body parts in hot and cold water alternately. In the early 20th century, an Italian immigrant in the US invented whirlpool bath, it was later named after the inventor Candido Jacuzzi. Today, Jacuzzi is used to treat various ailments including back pain, stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

Today, hydrotherapy combines ancient and modern methods for healing various ailments. People have devised water exercises that are said to tone muscles, ease arthritis pain, relieve muscle cramps, decrease inflammation, help in recovery from injuries, and maintain a healthy weight. Hydrotherapy techniques like underwater massage, whirlpool baths, spa, mineral baths, hot baths have proved to be extremely beneficial in various ailments.

 How Water Can Heal Your Mind and Body

If you are thinking about how to benefit from hydrotherapy, try some of these techniques.


Hindu God Vishu is said to be floating on water. He is described as being in extreme bliss. If you want to experience how it feels like being in bliss, try floating in water, eyes closed, listening to the splashing water and feeling the water sensation.

Cold showers

Hindus have rituals of a cold bath in the early morning, in the winter. This might sound dangerous. However, studies have shown that cold showers can make you more alert and attentive. A cold shower also improves circulation, ease muscle tension, and reduce stress.

Water exercise

Studies have shown that the same exercise has better result when performed in water. You can try water Zumba, water cycling, water volleyball, etc.


Just by lying in water can substantially improve your mental well-being and emotional health. Swimming is not just a way to shed a few pounds, it can even improve your mood. Studies have shown that swimming is highly beneficial to people with fibromyalgia. Swimming lowers stress and anxiety levels and helps to control depression and improve mood.


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