Mantras For Healing

A Mantra is a word, group of words, sentence or a stanza in Tibetan or Sanskrit language taken from Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. Mantras are chanted silently or vocally to invoke Gods, show gratitude to Gods, please Gods, receive blessings from the Gods, or to be awakened or enlightened. The Hindus and the Buddhists have been chanting Mantras since ages for spiritual and material benefits. Mantras might have meaning or might be just a group of words that do not actually make any sense. Some Mantras are assigned to a particular deity and can be used just like prayers. However, some mantras are just one or two words that do not have deity or meaning.

Some Mantras are attributed to a particular sage. The scriptures mentioned that these sages saw Mantras as they came to them. They did not compose Mantras, they saw the Mantras. However, composer of some Mantras are unknown.

Do Mantras have healing power?

Traditionally speaking, Mantras work in the spiritual plane. Mantras were chanted for spiritual development. However, scriptures also mention that you can also gain material benefits from chanting Mantras. A lot of studies have been performed to see whether chanting Mantras has any benefits. The results show that Mantras have positive benefits on spiritual, psychological, emotional well being. Scientific research, clinical trials, and case studies have shown that chanting mantras during stressful conditions can calm your mind and make you feel more relaxed. Chanting Mantras have shown to be extremely beneficial in various psychological and mental disorders. Studies have also shown that chanting Mantras changes the physiological function of your brain and body.

How do Mantras heal?

Mantras are word/s, sentence or stanza that produces specific sound vibration. When you chant Mantras, you repeatedly produce certain kind of sound vibrations. These vibrations activate your energy field. When you chant Mantras repeatedly, your stress levels will decrease, your blood pressure will lower, and hormones function will improve. If you have drug or alcohol addiction, chanting mantras will help you give up the addiction. If you want to cure your mental disorders for wellbeing and wellness, you can start chanting Mantras. It has been found that Mantras also enhance memory and improve the immune system. When you chant Mantras,  the sound energy from the vibration of chanted Mantras provides immediate relaxation, as well as long term healing.

Mantras for healing

As mentioned above, some mantras are one word, some are 2-3 words, some are lines and some are stanzas. Since most of the Mantras are in Sanskrit and Tibetan language, and if you have never studied these languages, chanting mantra correctly can be a great problem. In that case, you have to choose a Mantra that is short (one or two words). Here are some short Mantras that you can use for healing purpose

Om: Om is one of the most popular Mantras. Sometimes, Om is used alongside other Mantras, in the opening and closing. However, Om is also stand-alone mantras. Om is the word for the Almighty. By chanting Om silently for a long time, you will not only heal yourself from psychological, emotional and mental problems but also find happiness in your life. Om works for everything, from psychological healing to physical healing.

Hrim: Hrim represents power. This one-word mantra can stimulate you to make you mentally strong.

Klim: Klim represents desires. You will be able to control your desires by chanting this Mantra.


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